Along my road to the Paris Marathon I kept a running blog going as a kind of "encouragement via threat of public humiliation" - if I told everyone about this stuff I'd have to keep it up. The original posts were lost as part of some software upgrade or other, but here's a collection of bits I saved...

With Kevin Costner it was a case of "if you build it, they will come". Back in the August of 2010 I wondered if the same can be true of "if you blog it, you will run".

I had been meaning to get fitter for some time but never quite got into the groove. From a flirtation with jogging at the end of the previous year to periodic spells at the gym; all seem to fizzle out after a while. After six-months of sloth I needed to get the spatula out and give myself a slap on the arse: it was time to set a target.

The statement I made in my blog was a simple one: "By this time next year I intend to have run a marathon".

The 10th of April 2011 came a lot quicker than I expected. Back in the previous August, when I decided to do a marathon, it was, in my mind, a distant year away. By Saturday night, as I sat in my Paris hotel room it was far, far too close!

The 3rd of October 2010 saw me try my first 10k event with the Cricklade fun run. 10k: That's about a quarter of a marathon, and about 4k further than I'd run at that point.

My key objectives, in order of priority, were: -

  1. Don't die.
  2. Don't come last
  3. Don't stop
  4. Overtake whoever is in front of you in the last 200m

Wednesday the 17th. .